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Warriors Of Virtue Trailer 1997Director: Ronnie YE Starring: Angus McFadyen, Mario Yedidia, Marley Shelton. EN "All girls love Fonny." Sir Anthony Hopkins in Anthony Minghella's Meet Joe Black (1976) The film was based on real events. The story that happened to two popular pop stars was in some ways a reflection of real life: one of them was smart and successful, and the other was just as famous, but was completely stupid and lived in an orphanage. In fact, behind all the bright events that the film tells about, there is one person. Here he is: It is enough to look at the posters with the image of this girl and her doll to understand this. Meet Helena Anthony. She was born on September 12, 1982 in Sydney, Australia. Helena created a girl doll named Fonni in 2005. In 2006, she posted an article about her work in Wanxiang magazine. She was joined by other enthusiasts who collect dolls as part of the Fonnie image. The creation of the Fonri girl doll, photo 1999. Helena created a doll for her magazine, writes Fonni is a symbol of the heyday of pop music in the 1980s. Her name has become a household name, and the doll itself has become a collector's item. The Fonnoir doll is a popular souvenir, which is a doll with a miniature portrait of a star. "My faithful assistant," says Helena, "Fonnaire is very close to FonNora, but unlike Fonne, it's not a copy. Fon Nora is a cult image, but she wasn't popular at the time. FONNora is such a punk girl, completely different from other dolls. I wanted the doll to be completely different, extraordinary, with a sense of humor and personality. My task was to create as different as possible." Posters with Fonnery. Actually, Helena Anthony dolls could be seen in other series of collections, for example, in the Felica doll series, but Helena liked this image so much that it was so close to the original that it turned out to be a kind of remake. You must have