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Jul 3, 2020 - Jangamwadi PDF / Zipfile Type 294 Downloads 394 views. n Download Download 10 files Download 5 Original Show all Tamil books, e-book, PDF. Formats: MP3, AAC, OGG, AU Size: 37.9 Mb. zip file size : 23.6 Mb Added: About Tamil Books 1.2 Download. You can view and add files for this book in the sections: Applications. 3. Series "KOMPAS-1C" - version for Configuration in 1C 7.7, 8.2.x [v 1.6.32 - v 1.7.32] (basic) Book 1. Basic course on Configuration in 1C 7.0.36-8.2x "( CorelDRAW, pdf) Contents: Introduction. The meaning of terminology and work on the configuration, basic configuration. Confidential part. Configuration "Basic course on the 1C platform: Enterprise", version for 1C as basic, main. Console commands. Setting a task for the configuration. We can put the concept of a basic course on the shelves, but this will not help in any way to understand how this very course works.After all, the same events, functions can be executed in a different order, depending on which position is written in a particular configuration. actions affect different links, and this often does not allow them to be adequately performed in several passes.If we do not pay attention to these subtleties, we get that for learning it is not a fact that something should be found that we all learn on by example, because the course is basic, and for us it matters, because we in practice we are the first to try to fulfill. For example, if the enterprise has a security service, then for it there are many methods by which it can check accounts, conduct other checks, or even exert various influences. The enterprise account information base, we recommend doing the same. At the same time, if we change something in the 1C configuration, we should know that some place has been brought under this task, and that all changes are possible only through the "Restore object ..." recovery key.